Silver Green Sculptural Necklace

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Unique handmade silver piece of jewellery. Green sculptural necklace, perfect for wedding or other special celebration. Elegant organic design. Necklace is one off, it’s impossible to repeat the same colour effect. Made using traditional jewellery technique – glass enamel. Enamel has been applied on silver as a powder and fired in a kiln in a very high temperature. The result is stunning: a play of colours, shades of dark green, light green and white. This unique piece has two different sides, enamel is all around the pieces, so can be worn in two different versions.

Green Elvish Necklace is on a silver chain. Total lenght of the necklace is 50 cm + 5cm silver chain extension, it means that you can wear it shorter or longer.

DIMENSIONS: H 22 mm x W 40 mm

All items come in a gift box... perfect for gift giving and storage.

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