Gold Dangle Butterfly Earrings

£ 50.00

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Handmade piece of jewellery. Beautiful colourful graphics on earrings are based on artistic graphics drawn by hand by Agnes. Paintings are sealed inside the surface by anodising. The colour is permanent and waterproof. Back of the earrings with colourful pattern is also interesting.
Earrings are inspired by the butterflies. There are two different layers linked together, it creates nice three dimensional effect. Colourful surface has metallic gold finish, which looks elegant and sophisticated.

Very lightweight, despite the statement size, and fitted onto decorative sterling silver element with the ear stud. They are so comfortable to wear. The item comes beautifully packaged, ready for gifting.

Dimensions: H 58 mm x W 28 mm

All items come in a gift box... perfect for gift giving and storage.

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