Agnieszka Maksymiuk, a Polish jewellery designer knew she was destined to be an artist


Having dabbled in various art and craft forms, Agnieszka found jewellery to be the perfect medium to express her creative self. Blending the lines between photography, painting, sculpting and art, her jewellery pieces go beyond the realm of simple ornamentation. Art and jewellery have always been a part of Agne's life. She pursues to create jewellery which exists as sculpture and becomes a piece of art. Instead of hanging on a wall it is wearable on a human body.




Passion of creation


Experimenting with organic forms on the one hand, and architectural structures on the other, Agnes herself handpaints most of the pieces. There is a constant need to explore new ideas, learn craft & jewellery techniques and look for fresh inspirations. Finding my way to express through art is the most exciting part of my jewellery business.

Her designs are initiated from drawings, which are important part in her idea development. Influences derive from everything around her but with an interest in fluid, organic forms found in nature. She tries to give them a new, unconventional look combining new technologies with more traditional jewellery techniques.


2011 - 2013
HND Jewellery & Silversmithing, Birmingham, England

​2005 - 2010
MA Design for Industry, Academy of Fine Arts, Gdańsk, Poland

Has art always been a dominating factor in your life?

„For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed drawing and painting. Even as a child, I was aware that I would become an artist in the future. Any celebration was a good occasion to present my paintings to my family members who have retained them even after all these years. To explore my passion I attended many art classes. My time at the Academy of Fine Arts was a natural progression of my passion.”

ADORN Magazine interview


In 2013 next to making jewellery Agnes started to share her knowledge and skills with others. She started to be an Artist in Residence at School of Jewellery in Birmingham and later a Visiting Lecturer. She ran series of lectures and workshops focused on traditional jewellery techniques, wax carving, drawing, designing and creativity. For many years she ran International Summer School in Birmingham, a short intense jewellery course for students from around the world.

In 2017 Agnes moved to Mexico to work full time as a Foreign Professor at the TEC de Monterrey University in Puebla.

09.2015 - present
Visiting Lecturer at School of Jewellery, Birmingham

​08.2017 - 08.2018
Foreign Professor at TEC de Monterrey University in Puebla, Mexico

​09.2015 - 06. 2016
Artist in Residence at School of Jewellery, Birmingham

09.2013 - 06.2014
Artist in Residence at School of Jewellery, Birmingham

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